Junior Estate Life Insurance

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When it comes to your child, grandchild, and the ones you love, there can be no better gift than the gift of long term protection.

At Carnahan Insurance, we can help you find affordable Junior Estate Life Insurance designed to help that child in your life enjoy a more protected, financially sound future.

How does Junior Estate Life Insurance work? It begins with the protection of life insurance and will automatically develop into a whole life policy at the age of 25. This new whole life policy can then be used to build cash value at competitive market rates!

What are the benefits of a Junior Estate Life Insurance policy?

  • Low Annual Premiums
  • No Medical Exam or Interview
  • Additional coverage can be purchased at 25, 28, or 31 years of age without evidence of insurability. From a $20,000 policy you can increase up to a total of $80,000 of whole life coverage!
  • Monetary Values that May provide cash in the future

Which plan is right for you?

  • Plan 1 — $15,000 coverage at only $35 a year premium
  • Plan 2 — $20,000 coverage at only $45 a year premium
  • Whether you’re looking to provide your children with a viable future or you’re looking to give your grandchildren a gift that will appreciate over time, we can help you find an affordable Junior Estate Life Insurance policy today.

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